Monday, May 7, 2012

Music Monday: Father John Misty & Other 60's Folk Goodness

A few days ago, I discovered the music of Father John Misty - former drummer for the Seattle band, Fleet Foxes. This guy decided he had to get away from the Seattle scene so he moved to LA (???). Anyway, his music is so reminiscent of 60's folk rock that I ended up spending a large amount of time last night listening to some of my old favorites. Please join me on this trip down memory lane (note: I wasn't alive in the 60's but I did become obsessed with this music when I was in high school).

First, Father John Misty

The Mama's and the Papas

George Harrison

Neil Young

Joe Cocker

Father John Misty cover Leonard Cohen

You can listen to Father John Misty live in Seattle today at 1pm streaming online at

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